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Love, Beyond Words…

When I lack the words to say And my pen falters still May it mean even more That the winds will bring it home That the birds will sing for you That the flowers will make you smile And that you’ll know I’ve loved you

Chronicles of Love…

/ This Poem has been shared anonymously My heart misses you Nay, my heart bleeds for you Sometimes weighs heavily within my chest My heart vividly remembers the love T’was as if we had a child die All those hopes and dreams vanished You are


Poetry,  chicken soup for the soul Breathing in the atmosphere Keep me inspired even in thick and thin Poetry, my soul laid bare What maketh a man When words are scarce and days are long You come to my rescue Poetry, there’s music playing on

Poetic Tuesday: Love is Madness

There’s a madness called love Found in friends and among lovers The wiles of desire to want Even more to be wanted And often true that we feel So attracted to fatale’s The kind you like But lead to no good There is a madness

Poetic Tuesday: Winter…

In such time and season When things wither Biting chill Sometimes snow Leaves fall Trees diet Less venture Thick skin Breakin sweat Hibernation Hide away Nestle up Time Pause Heat up Winter!  

Poetic Tuesday: It Wasn’t Me!

its not you, its me she said she was so kind i thought Dont worry I said I will fix it No worries she said Its fine. Thank you! I said and smiled She gave me a hard hug, A prickly kiss Winked at me

Poetic Tuesday: Ubuntu..

I’m because you are In acknowledging you I acknowledge me As Siamese twins Knit at the umbilical cord Of life Through tragedy Or laughter Knowing that we are Inalienably bound By dreams and hopes Our common human aspiration To make it through This life To

Poetic Tuesday: LIVE, and Let…

Shine the light on another Be a friend like a brother Hold hands together Give a damn bother!   Days are long Years are short You are not always strong Sometimes we are wrong   Lies lead to truth Be a believer Be a doubter

Poetic Tuesday: Perfect Stranger…

  She was but a dream Object of madness The whirlwind of passion Laughter like a chime The foray of adventure The clinking of glasses The twinkling of lashes Her beauty unquenched The thudding of hearts Rhythm and rhyme That pace and pause The pendulum

Poetic Tuesday: Beautyless…. 

Unbeholden Plain Boring Dull Unbeautiful Numb Sameness Colourless Uninspiring Bland Dead Dodo Heartless… Zzz!