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90 Day B&B Challenge – Week 2, Day 14!

14 Days are gone….. can you believe it! Phew! How time moves fast! Books Covered this week Leviticus Ecclesiastes As you can tell, I haven’t covered so many chapters this past week as as I did in the first week. Well, this is a challenge

Poetic Tuesday: Tonight, My Love…

Tonight, my love I blow you a kiss I send a whisper across the winds To cast a spell of health and healing Tonight, my love I whisper a prayer I gaze at the heavens and look at the moon I couldn’t imagine a night

Psalm360 Sunday: Still…

Calm Settled Serene Immovable Unshakeable Firm Solid Strong Steadfast Above the noise Above the storm Above the turmoil Unswerving Unperturbed Unmoved Trusting Believing Knowing That He That promised Is Faithful

Timspirational Weekend: Never Alone!

::|Inspiration | Hope | Faith | Overcoming | Purpose |:: God is there for us and promised Never to leave us nor forsake us Family is borne for hard and happy times Friends, they hold us through And there are those that stick closer than

Who am I: The Eternal Question of Identity

I’m not my name I’m not where I come from or where I’ve been I’m not my story, my history or what’s happened in the past I’m not where I live or where I’m going I’m not what I do, what I have, hope to

Courage: The BOLD Principle!

The pre-text of our Principle today is the Godly mandate given to Joshua in the Scriptures – to be “strong and courageous…” emphasized in the opening verses of this Chapter. You can read for the fuller context. [Joshua 1:1 – 9] We will use the acrostic below

Favour: The GRACE Principle!

Favour is one of those sweet things that elevate us and makes us feel good and grateful. Of course, it may make others feel envious, jealous or annoyed.  Favour is an act of goodwill, kindness, preference and benevolence beyond what is usual or what is due.  Simply

Perspective: The LEAD Principle

I have long had a personal principle I live by that says if I have better perspective about anything, then I’m in position to lead. Perspective is all about being able to see things from different points of view; it is from these points of view that

Hope: The TRUST Principle

Hope is about the believe for a better tomorrow; the fundamental trust that all shall be well. In fact in the olden English, hope is defined as the feeling of Trust.  Hope coupled with faith can be a powerful combination.  It animates the soul to

Life: Hold on to Hope, Don’t Give Up!

Hold on to hope, don’t give up And my soul sayed Though it be tough Don’t let up the rope, holp up Lies will not stand Truth prevails And my soul sayed Though it be long Hold fast to Truth, It will save your soul