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The IT and the BY the way…

We often get stuck on the “BY the way” and forget the “IT”. Moment to Reflect: Think of someone who is taking a long journey and some where along the way, they experience problems with their car, should they forget about the journey or should

In The BattleField: The Story of David

I’m certain you know how it feels when you are in a contest and when you look at people’s faces you see doubt and unbelief. It’s like they are trying to ask you: “are you really supposed to be here?” When people do not recognize

The Hurry Bug…

Time passes by and minutes turned to hours as I stared blankly into my computer screen, lost for what to say, write or even think, my mind doing the 360 degree flip on me.It was time to take a break, to pause, to stop and

Endorphins: Listen to Them!

Heard there was something called psychic magnetism, well I think I’m having what I term creative magnetism. Okay, allow me explain. I’m at this well! I’ll call it an event although its more like a lively club, a gathering of talented professionals from different spheres

I’ll Win IT!

I got this imagination. And now it has become a reality. I can see it crystal clear through my eyes. I looked at this case: when soldiers go into battle, they are always armed to the tooth, with all the powerful weapons and one mindset.

#Timspirational! Change Through Conversation

Conversation is the Catalyst for change ~ Goitse Sechele Such profound words as shared by my friend and fellow coach Goitse in our conversation earlier today. I have noted in the past that you can determine the level of a society by the level of

Life is a stage, are you performing!

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something…my faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference”.~Jimmy Carter Think

Succeeding With Clear Intent

This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath, one of the 25 Timspirational People for 2014. Clem has graciously accepted to be sharing perspective and wisdom via every month. Enjoy this truly seasoned perspective on success and life Success means different things

Relationships Thursday: The Power of Relationships

“Quality of Life is determined more than anything else by the Quality of Relationships one has” I conjured the above statement in reflection to a decision i made several years ago. That I will put a premium on value adding relationships and its a core

No passion in playing small..

Timspirational Weekend: The 3 Characteristics of Highly Magnetic People

Over the years I have met so many people; in family invitations from friends, sidelines of conferences and workshops, in churches and parties, coffee shops and even on the roads and streets of life. In this post I recap the top 3 things that have