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Who is Greater? The Story or the Story Teller… Why?

 Here the Twiverdict on the #CreativeMondays Question of the Week…. Who is greater? The Story or the Story Teller… Why? Thanks indeed for your thoughts and perspective to this lively discussion… here below a summary of some of the thinking shared… ~~~ The Story…… …the story

What Mask Are You Wearing?

It cost much but it’s worth it, it will break you before it heals you, it will torment you until you are truthful. Your  vulnerability is not a weakness, it comes from your own strength. Moment to Reflect: Have you ever been embarrassed? This week

Creative Mondays: Who is/ was your greatest inspiration to create?

This has been a truly lively exchange of inspiration and here the summary of the listed sources of inspiration so far as shared by you. I would like to acknowledge our #CreativeMondays Community member @MikePaineShow for the #CreativeQuestion of The Week that got us all started.

Success Language….

Success, for many decades, have been given various definitions… Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Napoleon hill and loads of other great speakers and writers have said so much about that word. Some people even attributes it to material possessions and power acquisition. Well, one

Succeeding With Clear Intent

This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath, one of the 25 Timspirational People for 2014. Clem has graciously accepted to be sharing perspective and wisdom via every month. Enjoy this truly seasoned perspective on success and life Success means different things

Who are your Teachers?

Just yesterday I had my sister come visit me at the office and she came with a friend with whom I wasn’t too familiar with hence the meeting was a little bit awkward. My sister, for the past few days have been going on about

Creative Mondays: How Do You Eat an Elephant?

This week we feature professional belly dancer and performance artist Z-Helene in our Creative Mondays Blog… make sure to stop by and check it out and be inspired by this and all the other featured creatives from past weeks. And thought to share the ultra-hilarious

18 Lessons on Creativity from the #CreativeMondays Community for 2014!

Qs: What’s the biggest creativity lesson for you this year? #CreativeMondays @WORRODRoger : – If U’re a writer, not 2 trust anyone from CIA (USA), KGB (Belarus) or GCHQ (UK) @FNgeru : – Pour out all your thoughts for a perfect piece @FlairCreativ : –