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Your Top 30 + 1 What I know for Sure on Creativity!

OK. Great #CreativeMondays Buzz as always. Here is your collective Wisdom on today’s Question as shared on Twitter ~ “What do you know ‘for sure’ on Creativity?” It’s a habit that needs fueling! ~ @JennylouPeardon Lunacy/Genius Madness/ #CreativeMondays Sometimes an obsession Originality Stay Same/ Or is that

#Timspirational : Life, Exaggerated, Overrated and Boring… #Randomness

Talent is overrated.  Money venerated. Fame exaggerated.  Level headed is dead.  Boring! Sages are banned.  Scandal is celebrated.   Logic is good but never great. Emotion is magic but can be tragic Strength is good but never great Stamina and spirit pull the carts Hearts