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That First Stroke…

I sat at my laptop today just sitting as I searched for those perfect words to share. Those words that convey my heart and my soul. Some piece of wisdom spoken from personal experiences that could save the world – or at least come across

You are Worthy!

If you listened to the Creative Mondays podcast a couple weeks ago, you know I write under my pen name, Camille Wylde. And this is the persona most know me under. I do this for a reason – mainly to protect my privacy and that

Truth and Gentleness..

It was amazing how the conversation from my last blog article began a long debate on Twitter. While I still believe that if a relationship has grown stale or the excitement has gone away – the light bulb is broken – the house isn’t replaced,

Relationships Thursday: Learn To Become Your First Love!

  Nancy Wyna, on Self-Love, Service, Purpose and yes, the dreaded Quarter Life crisis…. Everyday happens to be a knowledge experience for me, learning to accept and being grateful for every cause in my life. I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m very

Relationships Thursday: The EX- Nightmare (Possessive Exes)

  Relationships Thursday is a New Column by the Talented and Inspirational Nancy Wyna – Be Sure to leave her your comments if you enjoy this post Most are times when we are caught up between staying and trying harder when we are in a