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Category Archives: Romantics Anonymous

Poetic Tuesday: Love is Madness

There’s a madness called love Found in friends and among lovers The wiles of desire to want Even more to be wanted And often true that we feel So attracted to fatale’s The kind you like But lead to no good There is a madness

Poetic Tuesday: My Weakness…

Love is mountains Tears are Valleys Laughter is oceans Sadness is rivers Rain is madness Sunshine is happiness Magic is Rainbow Life is flowers Beauty is eyes Weakness is you… My…  

Be My Valentine…

Be my Valentine…. I saw you and my eyes couldn’t escape They were ensnared like a bird on a string Every time you swayed past I couldn’t help but think… Could she be the one …? The smell of you enchantment! Unmistakable excitement! Blood rush

Poetic Tuesday: The Look!

Don’t talk whisper Don’t you dare! Only dream No imaginations Crystal clear No Fancy words Just old style Penetrate me Look in the heart And let me Swoon away And know I’m yours Forever!

Poetic Tuesday: Splattered Toad

Splattered toad said the wine One for the road stammered the mind Mellow and smooth winked the line The finest of the grape vine What makes you sexier than wine If only you were mine… Oh the taste divine Don’t sweat it let’s dine Oh

Relationships Thursday: Love Is….

Your heart racing at the very scent of him Your knees going gooey from the stare that pierces your soul Laughing uncontrollably at his silly gimmicks Just linking arms and sitting in silence because speech will ruin the perfect moment Just getting it even though

Poetic Tuesday: Moonlight!

Let it be Just the two of us Just shadows In the glazed light Let’s play our game Let us smile and giggle My eyes into yours Yours locked in the Now forever Let’s us dance away Let’s us sway the night Let us not