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Timspirational Weekend: The Waiting Game!

Reflecting on life I have come to realize that we have been trained and programmed to live on ‘waiting mode’. Right from early days we are taught to wait, to be patient as our parents called it.  Yes of course anything good and worth its salt

Timspirational Weekend: Celebrating the Bond of Our Common Humanity

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. I woke up this morning with an emptiness of feeling in my emotional tank. I needed

Timspirational Weekend: It’s a Man’s World!

Think of all the money The gravitas for power Think of fast cars and toys The need for speed and aces Think of heavy war artillery The appetite for war and battle Think of rockets and comets The desire to explore other planets Think of

Timspirational Series: The Garden

  It had been such a long time for Mrs. McGool; she had been away from the farm for several years now since her husband passed on.  The farm had always been that place of early love and romance. It’s had been home for the

Timspirational Weekend: What Do Women Want?

Give them flowers, shower them with gifts and tokens Nothing attracts them like generosity and kindness Never be fooled that anything else is sexier And you will be the lad in their interest Give them affirmation, the positive vibe of encouragement Words that build not

Timspirational Weekend: Friends, We All Need Them [Part 1]

Friends, we all need them. For happy days and sad ones, friendship is a core fibre of life. Friends make our world, expanding our perspectives and experiences through moments shared and encounters. Friends, we all need them but what kind of friends should we have

TimSpirational Saturdays: The Journey of a Lifetime

As you trudge on in this life, in your sojourn to Divine Destiny Through paths ancient and some untrodden Through hills and valleys and vast lands May your journey be fulfilling and full of thrill As you cross the vast fields so often find kindness;