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Creative Mondays: Who is/ was your greatest inspiration to create?

This has been a truly lively exchange of inspiration and here the summary of the listed sources of inspiration so far as shared by you. I would like to acknowledge our #CreativeMondays Community member @MikePaineShow for the #CreativeQuestion of The Week that got us all started.

A Love affair with Apps: Who were your creative buddies for 2013?

Here are my special mentions for 2013! – #CreativeMondays : I have to say it all started when I met my elephant eared friend #Evernote a few years ago He and I had been friends for a while but we rarely met, until the beginning of this

tweeting and breathing

Breath and Tweet: Its Angry Birds Singing!

Its Monday it sucks! RT Tuesday same script! @Wednesday who cares? Thursday #WTF! Lol #TGIF, the wknd is here! @Wknd, #Latebreakfast, Saturday Rocks! #Damn, Sunday is over, Back to SQ1 !

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The basics of a Web existence….an experiment