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A Good Deed!

“There once was a young girl, Nicole who lived in a lonely house, some distance from her village. She had been orphaned and her next of kin had abandoned her when they realized how much she was in distress and always asking for help. Due

You Were Born to Conquer…. Its Heaven Certified!

When you know who you are, nobody can convince you otherwise. When you realize your purpose, you absolutely live it. Well, it’s a new year and I’m sure of one thing – my identity. I am also sure of another thing – my purpose. I


“Life can leave you so bitter, but you must believe that it gets better and better…” ~ Jessica Reedy. I thought at some point of my life that I am that unlucky girl who doesn’t deserve any good thing in life. What I was going through

Stone Vs Clay: Pick One

Clay is molded. Stones are carved. All are made to the shape of your choice. It got me thinking, stone is carved by the use of a sharp object while clay is molded using bear hands; which one is perfect to work with? I think

Sprinkler of Hope: Gods Sure Promise

When an ambulance arrives in time to pick an injured person, what comes to your mind? Hope. Also when there has been a long dry season and finally you see a tiny dark cloud in the sky, what actually do you see? Hope. What about

Keep The Lights On!

Thieves break in when it’s dark. They are afraid to be recognized because that would mean “end of business” for them. When a house has lights on, no one dares to break in because they are afraid that the house is heavily guarded. This applies

How to Strengthen Your Faith and Create Miracles..

Faith is an inner conviction and knowing based on a clear understanding of Universal Law. When you understand the truth of life, your own self, and the creative process then you have a valid foundation for faith. When you act from this knowledge then you

The Works of The Holy Spirit

Sometimes in life we long to have an inner voice to guide us on what to do. Other times we need an assurance that what we want to try is actually right. But do you know that we have a helper? Do you know that

Words of Life!

Words can build and they can destroy. They can set free and they can put in bondage too. What comes from within us in speech has a lot of influence in the world that we live in. We may not realize it at times but