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Slow and Steady…

When you hear people say ‘slow and steady’, what immediately comes to mind is the story of ‘the tortoise and the hare‘. I know this because its what happens with me, I’ve read and listened to this story over and over again so much so

Goal In Focus…

It has been said and proven over and over again that the effect of goal setting is phenomenal, most especially when they are written and revisited quite often. Several means have been devised to help keep our goals in focus, John Asaraf suggested mind mapping,

Dubious Generousity…

Someone once mentioned that there is always a reason and purpose for everything, well, my most recent observation is that there usually also is a ‘motive‘ for ‘giving‘. From our early years, we have been taught principles and values, of love and mutual respect, of

True Freedom!

When you stop living for people without care of what they think or say, then you really start being alive. Stop caring to be perfect cause you truly can’t, if we could, we wouldn’t need His grace. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing

Success Language….

Success, for many decades, have been given various definitions… Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Napoleon hill and loads of other great speakers and writers have said so much about that word. Some people even attributes it to material possessions and power acquisition. Well, one

Baggage and Clutters

  I recently wrote about resolutions how we wait for some calendar dates to make them, well one very major limitation to growth and change definitely would be clutters and baggage’s. Let me ask some questions that have rather become clichés to us. Are there still

Poetic Tuesday: Thank God…

For the people who despised you They built your resolve muscle For the people who said NO They made you learn endurance For those who gave up on you They gave you reason to vote for you For those who laughed and cajoled They made

The Law of Providence and Learnings from my Little Girl

You know those days when parenting just forces you to look in the mirror and do a self assessment? Well, yesterday has to be it for me. As it is the season of love and sharing, a kind stranger, on our way out, gave my

Success: Mastering the Art of Surprises

Wonder how to deal with those twists and turns in the journey to success? Get your notebook out as your coach, Adeola gives you the insider take on it Have you ever been faced with a very critical situation in your life where you are