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Happy New Blank Year 2014!

There is nothing that inspires me like a blank plain white page. That blankness is always an invite to jot whatever thoughts, concepts and ideas come to mind. 
The opportunity to express my thoughts freely,  without restriction and in whichever direction is an empowering feeling in itself.  Nothing has to fit within any lines or box and indeed there is no upside down or pre definition of what the page should contain.

A Love affair with Apps: Who were your creative buddies for 2013?

Here are my special mentions for 2013! – #CreativeMondays : I have to say it all started when I met my elephant eared friend #Evernote a few years ago He and I had been friends for a while but we rarely met, until the beginning of this

tweeting and breathing

Breath and Tweet: Its Angry Birds Singing!

Its Monday it sucks! RT Tuesday same script! @Wednesday who cares? Thursday #WTF! Lol #TGIF, the wknd is here! @Wknd, #Latebreakfast, Saturday Rocks! #Damn, Sunday is over, Back to SQ1 !

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The basics of a Web existence….an experiment