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Body Beautiful…

Confession here! I got on the scale yesterday morning, and horror of horrors! I had gained five pounds in the last month. After I gathered myself and did my deep breathing, I immediately went into the blame-shame game. Too stressed, too tired, too busy to

Relationships Thursday: That Special Someone..

Well it is a New Year… everyone is so busy writing down and making New Year’s resolutions for the 2015. After the long holidays am back in the office everyone I bump into is very ardent to ask me what is your new year resolution.

Relationships Thursday: The Power of Relationships

“Quality of Life is determined more than anything else by the Quality of Relationships one has” I conjured the above statement in reflection to a decision i made several years ago. That I will put a premium on value adding relationships and its a core

Relationships Thursday: It’s Your Life!

She is back with a bang after a few weeks off….here is another sizzling piece on #Relationships, written with verve and passion for your reading pleasure. Welcome back, Nancy Wyna! Sometimes in our lives we are faced with challenges, low and dark moments in our

Relationships Thursday: What’s Love Got To do With it?

😐 Relationships | Love | Perspective |:- By Timitude Love has been sung about,  fought for; people have lost money, danced lame and even died – all in the name of love. And as Tina Turner famously sang what’s love got to do with it?

Relationships Thursday: Learn To Become Your First Love!

  Nancy Wyna, on Self-Love, Service, Purpose and yes, the dreaded Quarter Life crisis…. Everyday happens to be a knowledge experience for me, learning to accept and being grateful for every cause in my life. I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m very

Relationships Thursday: The EX- Nightmare (Possessive Exes)

  Relationships Thursday is a New Column by the Talented and Inspirational Nancy Wyna – Be Sure to leave her your comments if you enjoy this post Most are times when we are caught up between staying and trying harder when we are in a

Life: Hold on to Hope, Don’t Give Up!

Hold on to hope, don’t give up And my soul sayed Though it be tough Don’t let up the rope, holp up Lies will not stand Truth prevails And my soul sayed Though it be long Hold fast to Truth, It will save your soul

Creative Mondays: 5 Misconceptions on Creativity

#Creativity is an act of genius Creativity is part of who we are. It is like the air we breathe, so it is a core part of our existence. Creativity is like a muscle that if you don’t exercise atrophies. So it needs intentionality and

#TBT: Woman, A Flower!

Made to flourish beauty of humanity Child of awe and mysterious wonder Subtle, soft the ultimate sophistication Drive boys crazy the perfect intoxication Fragrance that draws butterfly kisses Nectary that brings the bees dancing Sense and sensibility with cockles of cheer Charm, Consideration and Charisma