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Forgiveness: The Light Heart!

“Lord change my heart. I really want to be like you.” This prayer is for the Lord to change my heart and make me a better person today. Whenever I’m not able to let go, that He may come through for me and I believe

tweeting and breathing

Breath and Tweet: Its Angry Birds Singing!

Its Monday it sucks! RT Tuesday same script! @Wednesday who cares? Thursday #WTF! Lol #TGIF, the wknd is here! @Wknd, #Latebreakfast, Saturday Rocks! #Damn, Sunday is over, Back to SQ1 !

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Bland # Bright: 20 Blogthoughts – Mission 101 # Killing the Writers Block!

Many a writer/ blogger we are constantly faced with this challenge, here are some thoughts i quickly jotted to get out of this dilemma. I hope some blogger out there will find it useful. Feel free to explore this possibilities as i endeavor this do the