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Adventure in Every Experience…

When you approach everything with the spirit of adventure, you infuse your life with vitality and radiance ~ Matthew Wallker ~ Moment to Reflect: For the better part of this year, I have been going in and out of court, to be quite honest I’ve

The Journey of The Heart….

Every heart has a journey, what journey has your heart taken!   Moment to Reflect: Its hard to explain and yet everything the heart has felt. The journey of the heart is a personal journey and the journey of the heart can feel like a

Ubuntu, The Software that Powers Our Humanity…

Our interconnected-ness is inevitable.  Our humanity is shared.  Our essence and being and values are universal. We belong to the human race,  the human family.  One blood,  same dreams and aspirations unite us. So why the hypocrisy of difference.  Why the fallacies and misconceptions of us versus

#Timspirational : Life, Exaggerated, Overrated and Boring… #Randomness

Talent is overrated.  Money venerated. Fame exaggerated.  Level headed is dead.  Boring! Sages are banned.  Scandal is celebrated.   Logic is good but never great. Emotion is magic but can be tragic Strength is good but never great Stamina and spirit pull the carts Hearts

#Timspirational: Of Duality, Life Truths and Zest Living!

The World of duality.  The Good and the Bad.  Where Light and Darkness make the mix and the Magnificence of Grace connect to the lostness of the world to bring them to the knees of redemption. We live in that world of brokenness and suffering

#Timspirational: The Lost Art of Customer Service

  You know it when you see it! Yes when someone steps out of their corner, their place of convenience and comfort and truly reaches out to serve another with the true heart of customer service. Sad but true this is rather uncommon, and whenever found is always truly pleasurable

#Timspirational: The Art of Speaking…

I love listening to speeches, words well spoken,  poetry fuelled with eloquence.  Beautiful oratorical crafting, especially when words just fit the moment and carry the weight of purpose and shared meaning.  Yes,  when philosophy meets practical and theory is illustrated through the lens of a

#Timspirational: From Tim With Love!

Dear Tim Tonight I toast to you, the man I’ve known, the Tim with Attitude or whatever you are or choose to be in the seasonade ahead. Tonight I reflect on the journey of the year past; the lessons and learnings of a season, the

Be My Valentine…

Be my Valentine…. I saw you and my eyes couldn’t escape They were ensnared like a bird on a string Every time you swayed past I couldn’t help but think… Could she be the one …? The smell of you enchantment! Unmistakable excitement! Blood rush

#Timspirational! Change Through Conversation

Conversation is the Catalyst for change ~ Goitse Sechele Such profound words as shared by my friend and fellow coach Goitse in our conversation earlier today. I have noted in the past that you can determine the level of a society by the level of