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You Do Too!

I took a moment to look back on the last few years. Not out of nostalgia – although, that sounds like a great idea. But it is because I am on my last class for my degree. I started back to college in November, 2011

Blank Fridays: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

+|| Knowledge +| Work + | Philosophy + | Thinking + | Perspectives + || +|| By Olivia Nghaamwa As a graduate entering the work place for the first time, armed with what I thought was all the knowledge I needed, the statement or question

Blank Fridays:IT BLINKS at The END!

::: We often feel like quitting after a few attempts, be inspired not to quit too soon with this amazing post from Nelson Kennedy “The attempt to create light in a bulb failed 10,000 times before it was successful by a single person (Thomas Edison). Can you

Blank Fridays: When Intention is NOT Enough…

This week I perhaps had the strongest indictment of my career in recent memory. When you are told point blank that your intention doesn’t measure up, certainly this catches your attention in a significant way. Or at least it should! Yes, we have heard the

Creative Mondays: Of Loud Music and Energy

There’s something so energizing screaming out on top our lungs.  Be it in a game of rugby,  soccer or in basketball. Unfortunately I’m not such a big sports fanatic and so rarely would you find me near a pitch. I guess this makes me terrible,