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Dance Your F—— Heart Out!

A very wise teacher told me one day that I should never believe that feeling sadness or loneliness was a bad emotion. She told me that I should always embrace my feelings and let them teach me the lesson I need to learn. I have

Goal In Focus…

It has been said and proven over and over again that the effect of goal setting is phenomenal, most especially when they are written and revisited quite often. Several means have been devised to help keep our goals in focus, John Asaraf suggested mind mapping,

Try Again!

I sat in my office this morning thinking about the past few weeks. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I am in a movement that is asking for freedom of speech to be upheld for all writers. I thought about what


Poetry,  chicken soup for the soul Breathing in the atmosphere Keep me inspired even in thick and thin Poetry, my soul laid bare What maketh a man When words are scarce and days are long You come to my rescue Poetry, there’s music playing on

Taking Responsibility and Finding Healing

Truth brings about healing, honestly is a very important part of healing. Oh…, what price we pay, if we fail to be honest to ourselves! Moment to Reflect: What things have you had to live with? I’ve had to live with the decisions that the hurt

How to Strengthen Your Faith and Create Miracles..

Faith is an inner conviction and knowing based on a clear understanding of Universal Law. When you understand the truth of life, your own self, and the creative process then you have a valid foundation for faith. When you act from this knowledge then you

Caught Up in The Swing

  “The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself”   The swing of things; uncertainty is our reality, the question is, when caught up in the swing, are you reactive or creative? Moment to Reflect: For a couple of

Stop and Just Be!

    This week’s Creative Mondays question starting my thought processes going. The question? “What do you do to rekindle the creative love affair?” What was interesting is that it is a question I have been asking myself lately – a lot! So, thank you,

Poetic Tuesday: Winter…

In such time and season When things wither Biting chill Sometimes snow Leaves fall Trees diet Less venture Thick skin Breakin sweat Hibernation Hide away Nestle up Time Pause Heat up Winter!  

That First Stroke…

I sat at my laptop today just sitting as I searched for those perfect words to share. Those words that convey my heart and my soul. Some piece of wisdom spoken from personal experiences that could save the world – or at least come across