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“In the Middle of Nowhere, anything is possible.”

In April of 2014, coaches Tim and Janice Plado Dalager began an internet experiment with the following question:
What spontaneity, inspiration, and randomness ensue when we play outside the rules, using intuition as our guide?With the sole intention of “good things to come,” they arrive at this party every week to address and bless the ruts we all fall into, when we’re too long “in the box.” After realizing they were repeatedly surpassing the 30-minute show time, they relaxed in extending 15 minutes of “bonus time” at the end of the show. Sometimes, what happens in the last 15 minutes is the best part.

Listeners are invited to send in their questions and comments, and even call in to be part of the conversation!

Catch the #MiddleofNowhereShow every Sunday at 7am Pacific US/10am ET/ 4pm SAST (South African Standard Time)Also catch replays of past episodes here

One thought on “Middle-Of-Nowhere-Show”

  1. J Armstrong says:

    I wanted thank you Tim for being kind and offering me a chance to be on your Creative Mondays Page. I know I haven’t seized the opportunity yet, but maybe someday! Thanks again

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