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tweeting and breathing

Breath and Tweet: Its Angry Birds Singing!

Its Monday it sucks! RT Tuesday same script! @Wednesday who cares? Thursday #WTF! Lol #TGIF, the wknd is here! @Wknd, #Latebreakfast, Saturday Rocks! #Damn, Sunday is over, Back to SQ1 !

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Bland # Bright: 20 Blogthoughts – Mission 101 # Killing the Writers Block!

Many a writer/ blogger we are constantly faced with this challenge, here are some thoughts i quickly jotted to get out of this dilemma. I hope some blogger out there will find it useful. Feel free to explore this possibilities as i endeavor this do the

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Beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Beauty that charms the heart Beauty that stirs the soul And moistens the eyes? Beauty the obstinate obsession? Beauty the pulse and breath of life Beauty the relentless object of pursuit Beauty the unquenchable passion of mortals? Beauty

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Search Within…

Search Within… For the great thoughts, and wisdom, that can only be heard as silent whispers For the light that will guide us, and reveal who we truely are For the truth that liberates and creates an awareness of all around us For the strength,

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Stop. Start!

So motivational. (clipped to

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The basics of a Web existence….an experiment