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Love, Beyond Words…

When I lack the words to say And my pen falters still May it mean even more That the winds will bring it home That the birds will sing for you That the flowers will make you smile And that you’ll know I’ve loved you

Poetry: Another reason…

It all happened in my sleep, in my “conscious” and “unconscious” sleep While I was sleeping, HE was fully awake. While I was sleeping, HE made things anew, While I was sleeping, HE dealt with my pain, While I was sleeping, HE gave me a

Be My Valentine…

Be my Valentine…. I saw you and my eyes couldn’t escape They were ensnared like a bird on a string Every time you swayed past I couldn’t help but think… Could she be the one …? The smell of you enchantment! Unmistakable excitement! Blood rush

Poetic Tuesday: Tonight, My Love…

Tonight, my love I blow you a kiss I send a whisper across the winds To cast a spell of health and healing Tonight, my love I whisper a prayer I gaze at the heavens and look at the moon I couldn’t imagine a night

An Ode to Love: To My Valentine

I will toast to love – to ties that bind Raise a glass of wine to brighter life To the blossoming and blooming To love found in uncommon hours I will toast to love – to ties without lies Stand high and tall and proclaim

Psalm360 Sundays: On Your Birthday

May your Joy overflow
May His Grace be your glow
May you always know
He has good things in store

What the locust ate He will restore
What you desire He will give you more
In your hopes and dreams make you soar
He cares for you and loves you more