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Dance Your F—— Heart Out!

A very wise teacher told me one day that I should never believe that feeling sadness or loneliness was a bad emotion. She told me that I should always embrace my feelings and let them teach me the lesson I need to learn. I have

Friends Forever!

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words” – Unknown I couldn’t agree more with this remarkable quote. Friendships in life always paint happiness and fulfillment in our hearts.

Blank Fridays: I Thought…

…And there goes pain, heart ache, betrayal and …please borrow me a word… Thought we were friends, best pallies, meant to look out for each other? To answer all bugging questions and seek solution together? Thought you were my friend, in whom I confide in, in

Blank Fridays: Can’t We Just Be Friends?

I have often joked that smokers and drinkers are perhaps the most social people in the planet.  Smokers especially (I don’t condone the habit) – are perhaps the most spontaneous and peace loving people left on earth.  What with the spontaneity of meeting up and

Living Life: The Hug, the Kiss and the Handshake

Now I’m not an expert on this matters so don’t expect a politically correct view on this. I will nevertheless say my piece before I hold my peace, most certainly! It’s part of life to meet new people, be in new settings and even environments and

Blank Fridays: Appreciating The Gift of Friendship!

    My buddies for life Iyvonne and Warren. I just love these two kids, they are just kids!  Iyvonne (from the left) where did i first met her? Let me remember ……Yah, way back before i met Warren, mmm, life really is moving so

Life: What Are Friends For?

Oh you got the deal! Or wanna keep it real Make a meal And dial them in Oh you got in trouble! And you need some doubles Rather dial a buddy And let them have a listen Oh you feel sad! Rather piqued and mad

Psalm360 Sundays: On Your Birthday

May your Joy overflow
May His Grace be your glow
May you always know
He has good things in store

What the locust ate He will restore
What you desire He will give you more
In your hopes and dreams make you soar
He cares for you and loves you more

Timspirational Weekend: Friends, We All Need Them [Part 1]

Friends, we all need them. For happy days and sad ones, friendship is a core fibre of life. Friends make our world, expanding our perspectives and experiences through moments shared and encounters. Friends, we all need them but what kind of friends should we have

Psalm360 Sundays: A Friend for ALL Seasons

Have you ever had a friend Who was always by your side One of those hard to find And when they left you felt empty inside  – Strangely you just met by the roadsides You just found each other and connected Hit it off like