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Creative Mondays: The Top 10 Needs for Creative Projects!

This week we feature someone we all know, someone we all have lived with and even pay the rent for them upstairs! Yes, I’m talking about the nemesis of every Creative Person, Our Inner Critic! In this brief feature we formally introduce and acknowledge this

Timspirational Weekend: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Late this afternoon, had an enchanting chat with one of my favourite people, Elena, my friend and coach. Somewhat the drift of our conversations started off catching up on what we been up to; And somewhat found myself talking quite abit about my pet subject, Bitcoin.

Creative Mondays: 10 Inspirational Quotes on Creativity

10. It takes Trust 9. Fake till you make it! 8. Remember everybody is a genius 7. Nurture your inner child 6. Invent your New Reality 5. Learn to Thrive in Chaos 4. Say No to Doubt! 3. Learn to Join the dots… 2. Dismiss

Creative Mondays: Signs of Inspiration….

Are you looking for that sign, that sense of flow, or just that spark that will ignite the inner genius within? This piece could never have come at a better time… be inspired to create like never before by the eclectic Trevlyn Ainsworth >>>>> What spurs people

Creative Mondays: 6 Creative Habits to Nurture

Think Thoughts are the source of creativity and the foremost habit to have and nurture. To get you started, Here is your top 3 things to Do Set time to think Set a place to think Make creative thinking a habit Plan It is true,

Blank Fridays:IT BLINKS at The END!

::: We often feel like quitting after a few attempts, be inspired not to quit too soon with this amazing post from Nelson Kennedy “The attempt to create light in a bulb failed 10,000 times before it was successful by a single person (Thomas Edison). Can you

Creative Mondays: Of Creativity and Coffee!

I have often wondered whether there was any link between the two. Actually, I conjured there must be. And if there wasn’t I was going to make up one.. so here we go! I have had a few inspired moments sipping away at a cuppa, pen

Creative Mondays: 5, Nay 6 Creativity Boosters

    Exercise & Movement Exercise or movement gets your mind active. The increased flow of oxygen and blood circulation leads to a creativity rush. Your lungs, your heart and your brain are in the best shape to churn out new ideas.   Have you noticed

Creative Mondays: 5 Surprising Places for Creativity and Inspired Thinking

The Loo This may come as a surprise to some. Not for me. There is something about emptying your bowels or the sense of relief that is experienced in the process that sparks creativity and inspired thinking. Certainly this is the least of settings that

Dear March: The Writer’s Prayer

I must say Feb was so much fun! So much to celebrate even if in such a short time. On that note I hope you will be easy flowing and great too!  So welcome Ides of March! Before I get fluffy and colourful, some serious