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Dance Your F—— Heart Out!

A very wise teacher told me one day that I should never believe that feeling sadness or loneliness was a bad emotion. She told me that I should always embrace my feelings and let them teach me the lesson I need to learn. I have

Blank Fridays: Life…

Go with the flow; feel free this Friday with this eloquent and flowing piece from Rosemary Kananu…on Life… What can one write about life? Life is so big and so wide yet a brief moment in time. A momentous flash in the universe, yet a

Timspirational Weekend: What inspires us, The ABC’s

ArtForemost I would say Art has a way of making our souls breath and our spirits dance into a trance.  Indulging in art, whether by creating it or by enjoying it, not only has cathartic effects but also makes us feel alive. Whether It is

TimSpirational Saturdays: The Journey of a Lifetime

As you trudge on in this life, in your sojourn to Divine Destiny Through paths ancient and some untrodden Through hills and valleys and vast lands May your journey be fulfilling and full of thrill As you cross the vast fields so often find kindness;

For Once in Your Life…. LIVE!

Reflective Sundays For once in your life, fly, jump off a plane, dive into the deep sea, move to another country, give a big bear hug to a stranger, scream out loud in the street, wink at a stranger,…. lose your manners for a moment,

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Stop. Start!

So motivational. (clipped to