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I received a huge “Aha!” moment this week. I am a misfit! I am sharing this with you now because I hope to explain some of my own personal viewpoints. I imagine that someone else may be experiencing the same feelings, thoughts, or whatever it

Who am I: My Identity

One day Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” They replied that some called Him Elijah, others John the Baptist, others Jeremiah and even others one of the prophets. But He wanted to know who the disciples said He

Who Am I?: The IDENTITY Principle

Who am I, perhaps remains one of the biggest topics questions in to answer in this lifetime. In this post, we address this question from a Principle perspective. Once again, we use the acrostic IDENTITY to give us a mapping on the Who am I

Poetic Tuesday: I’M…

I’m a simple man Simple but complex I’m humble fellow Humble but proud I’m an easy chap Easy but intense I’m a fair lad Fair but mean I’m a fun guy Fun but serious I’m a honest dude Honest but I lie! I’m a strong

Who am I: The Eternal Question of Identity

I’m not my name I’m not where I come from or where I’ve been I’m not my story, my history or what’s happened in the past I’m not where I live or where I’m going I’m not what I do, what I have, hope to