Great #CreativeMondays Buzz as always.
Here is your collective Wisdom on today’s Question as shared on Twitter ~

“What do you know ‘for sure’ on Creativity?”

  1. It’s a habit that needs fueling! ~ @JennylouPeardon
  2. Lunacy/Genius Madness/ –#CreativeMondays

Sometimes an obsession

Originality Stay Same/

Or is that sane?

Ever changing! ~ @NickiSixx12 

  1. #Creativity is having fun playing with ideas ~ @ReeceSenff
  2. There is no “box”! ~ @madisonbatts
  3. #Creativity is good for us. Uplifting and vital ~ @FlairCreativ
  4. LOL, in my mind? A lot… Hmmm ~ @melissacts1267
  5. There are no limits and creativity always brings happiness ~ @MikePaineShow
  6. RISKS PAY OFF ~ @killythekid

Creativity resides in the heart n soul of the creator; all forms are beautiful. None are wrong ~ @RavensVeil 

  1. That you can’t take it for granted ~ @RobertMihaly1
  2. Inspire yourself before inspiring others ~ @JoechefBartlett
  3. U can’t wait for inspiration. U have to go after it w a club ~ @tomcottar
  4. It cannot be defined or quantified. It just is & always will be ~ @wellSpeaks .
  5. It can’t be forced ~ @jenncann1
  6. All I know ‘for sure’ about creativity is that it has my respect ~ @LitaTweets
  1. There are many forms & no one is better than another ~ @HeCalls_me_L
  2. For me it changes with the music I listen and the weather outside ~ @jasonsmithwritr
  3. Without it I am nothing ~ @FelicityBrandon
  4. Wait for inspiration to come to you…don’t chase it ~ @WritingasLia
  5. Absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t have it any other way ~ @OutOnTheMoors
  6. Has bugger all to do with creationism~ @WORRODRoger

I know nothing

Just love me

Before I wither away

Amidst all you perfectionists ~ @truindian 

  1. That it’s unpredictable ~ ‏@MadQueenStorm
  2. That it’s within everyone in some capacity ~ @Entiretyinbits

Creativity should be valued more than ‘just’ a commodity.
Creativity is so much more than that ~ @DuchessShire 

26. U do it cause u must- it is part of Ur soul ~‏ @LauraHaydenFun

27. It is perseverance oiled by perspiration, catching lightning in a bottle ~ @TorturdCyclon

28. I know for sure some people are others are not ~ @SumerSloan

29. It either goes to hell with no sleep, or I’m an evil genius! ‏~ @lissalet

30. Define creativity!! ~ @RonRazor

I know “for sure” it’s an ongoing process ‏~ @CamWylde

 Thanks indeed for your enthusiastic participation and wishing you a Super #Creative Week Ahead