Wereach milestones in our lives. Often they are recognizable, at least to us. Some are hidden and are only revealed after time.
I have reached a milestone in my own life. How about you? Do you know how to recognize a life altering milestone? Here are some hints.

  1. Restlessness

Finding oneself feeling restlessness and a need to move forward in life is a dead giveaway. Seems self-evident, right? You would think, but how often do we ignore this urge to do, grow, move on, stretch, or be bolder? I have. Until now.

  1. Dissatisfaction

Ah, those elements of our lives when the old just doesn’t make us happy anymore. This little hint can be tricky, though. If the dissatisfaction is sporadic or short-lived, this is not a milestone, my friend. This is merely a push to rethink your thought processes. But if it lasts and nags at your mind, your heart, your thoughts? You are reaching a milestone.

  1. A new thought process enters your mind.

Suddenly, things you thought were important and real simply are not. Suddenly, you look at the world with a different perspective – a different vision. You are casting out old thoughts and embracing new ones, and you just can’t help yourself.

What to do? Re-evaluate! It’s time to take a look at your life, your way of thinking, your very “beingness.”

Take yourself out of the picture for a minute, and look, really look, at where you are. Are there changes you can make to allow yourself to grow?

Ask yourself questions about where you are right now in your own life. Is it possible that somewhere along the way, you gave up a dream and have slipped into the proverbial rut of life?

If so, then do something! My first suggestion is to keep a journal about your day. Write each morning about how you are feeling. Yeah, even the bad stuff you feel. It is amazing how much insight you will get from this exercise.

But how? Well, first of all. Write before you have a chance to do anything else in the morning. Don’t filter what you write. Just write! Don’t worry about making sense. Just write! Don’t self-edit. Just write!

What you will find is that soon you will be writing about what your heart already knows. Change is needed. Your heart knows it, but it takes a little bit to get to the head. Writing first thing in the morning clears those cobwebs and lets the innermost thoughts and feelings come out.

It works. Go back and read, if you think you must. But chances are, you won’t need to. You will become open to what your heart is saying to you. Once you find yourself in agreement with needed changes, then believe me, Universe – God will conspire to bring about events allowing those changes to be made.

So, as we prepare for the holiday celebrations, I challenge you to be bold. Are you reaching a milestone? Do you feel those three little hints on a consistent basis? Write, my friend. Open yourself to new possibilities. Get ready for your next milestone!