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Author: timitude


Redeeming Our Humanity 

 This week was eventful in a significant way. Tuesday 15th, January at about 3pm, Terrorists attacked Nairobi’s DusitD2 complex in Nairobi on 14 Riverside. Nairobi is dear to me, and 14 Riverside a familiar address as I once worked for a company whose offices are…


The 25 #Timspirational People 2018! 

As we wrap up another season, here a catalogue of acknowledgement of some of the #Timspirational people who’ve been significant in this period. The #Timspirational25 chronicles a subset of individuals that I have interacted with that stand out among many. In who they are, what they are about…


So, What’s in a Name… 

So, what’s in name….  Words of course! And contrived meaning mostly… As you know humans are peculiar creatures… They give meaning to things, based on whether they like them or not. Feelings drive the world, more often than not. Humans are funny beings. They even…