Wokeup this morning to amazement and wonder.  Driving out of the house just before 5 in the morning to be greeted by the bright and morning star on the skies, it’s the first time in living memory I became aware of its presence. I couldn’t help but marvel at it’s magnificence and engage in conversation with my driver as we made our way to the airport. Shining bright and early there it was lining the skies, only later did we see a tint of the moon in a cuspic tilt – hid behind the greyyie clouds.

Beautiholics – Marvel at Nature!

As we made our way we couldn’t help but marvel – at the amazing beauty of our universe.  More so the splendor and majesty of its creator. It made me realize how often we are blinded by our reality,  often we get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life that we rarely notice such amazing wonderful creation.  I remember having such a conversation with my friend Tim in Melbourne, Australia not long ago and he inspired me greatly with his eye and appreciation of nature. Taking time to go to the beach in the morning to connect with nature and it’s creator.  So amazing how much inspiration we can draw from such encounters that renews our essence and make us feel alert and alive – filled with joy and gratitude for life of itself.

And so I have had my dose of inspiration that will carry me through the day! I have often wrote and mused about the power of coffee to give us a kick start in our day,  but it seems will do without a cuppa for today. I’m so filled with joy and gratitude already!

Whenever you can, take time today or as often as possible to drink from this source and spring of inspiration. Take time connect with nature and reflect upon its creator.  You will be inspired beyond measure!