The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
Catch up with Renata, Self Defense Instructor & Coach Talking De-escalation and Life Saving Tips....

In this episode I speak to Renata, personal self defense instructor and coach.

I learnt so much about the back story of my coach, as she and I attended a life coaching class a few years ago..

In our chat she shares about her combat sports past, lessons learnt from an injury that ended her sporting and competitive pursuit and how that has led her to her current endeavor and mission. She also shares what she calls a stupid move that could have turned fatal for her and family, yet her stupid move saved her life…then. And yes how she once used diplomacy and de-escalation techniques to fend off an attacker who had entered their house.

FYI this was the second incident of being accosted in her home with a gun totting attacker…

I call her a Ninja and Blackbelt….. Yes I saw her fully kitted, training men and women in self defense as one of the ways to combat Gender Based Violence… This is an initiative she’s committed to and has been running bootcamps at National level….

This is one of those awe striking inspiring conversations with a friend who’s tough minded as she’s sweet… Listen in and be inspired by practical insights on how to react or de-escalate situations in times like if crisis.

As she says

“the decisions you choose in those split seconds are the most crucial and could define the rest of your life”