• Equality – Reflections and Perspective on Gender and Race Equality
  • Covid-19 – Zeitgeist of what such times mean to us and to our World/Universe
  • Ubuntu – The Gift of our Human Connectedness and Why this is needed more than Ever.
  • Africa – A tale of two farmers from a Past life, and Yes Dr Sam’s Heart and Connection to the Continent (runs quite deep actually – she definitely my African sister!)
  • Aspire – Reflections on the Journey so far and the Road ahead.

This and everything else inspiring and fun in between. For your listening pleasure.


Dr Sam is the Founder and CEO at Aspire, an advocate for Women’s Empowerment, Equality and Change. Dr Sam has received various accolades for her work among them: “Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry” by Her Majesty, The Queen of England. “One of the Top 10 Coaches” by the Independent, “A Woman shaping the world”, by CNN and “A Leader in the Workplace” by the Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Awards. Dr Sam is also the Author of Radio Heaven: One Woman’s Journey to Grace, a book that chronicles her journey and personal story.

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Closer home, Dr Sam is a Friend, a Sister and one of my favorite people anywhere in the world. She’s also one of #Timspirational25 Faculty in recognition of all her trailblazing work. I could write a lot more but rather listen in as we talk everything from “swearing with swag”, “African farmers from another life”, to reflections on Race, Equality and more with the characteristic fun bone and easy going demeanor that can only be a Sam / Tim kinda hangout. If you feel the vibe, send us faxes and telegrams or whatever really people do nowadays. All for your inspiration. Enjoy!