Ever felt like a failure?
Felt that way so many times myself…
Felt alone? Misunderstood… Outgunned and out numbered?
Yeah, tell me all about it… It’s OK sometimes to let it sink in..
To allow yourself to feel the feeling as Poet Nayyirah Waheed put it so well and after feel something different. 
Sometimes it’s OK not to rescue ourselves from feeling what we may reckon as the worst… 
This may be the path to acceptance and closure we need sometimes.
Especially in a culture that always seeks to ask you ‘how you are doing’ without really being genuinely keen on how you are doing. 
Rather wants to hear you mouthing a false validation of well being inline with their expectation.
Yet deep within you know that you know that you are struggling. 
You are struggling to make sense of where you are. You are trying too hard to hold on despite all. 
You are even not sure if you have whatever it takes to hang in there. 
So this is to give you permission. To let you know that it’s OK not to have all your ducks in a row,
because whoever came up with that knows very well that there is no logic to having ducks in a row!
And yes it’s OK to give up on other people’s expectations and projections about you. 
It’s ok to be ok not being ok. And equally true. 
It’s OK for you to change that, by choosing different at any point. 
I mean there is lots of heroism around us.
Whether claimed or acclaimed. But denying the crucible of living that we are in is not on.
Inwardly you may not be one to compare, but soon enough you find yourself indulging in the same.
Environment is such an important factor.
Often the crucible that shapes and influences us, that often goes unacknowledged. 
Different kinds of environments yield different outcomes.
From toxic to nurturing, from constraining to freeing,

it’s worth doing an audit  – the kind of space you find yourself in. 
So yeah, this post is just a note from me to you. 
To let you know it’s OK to feel like a failure… 
It’s OK to be overwhelmed, confused and uncertain… 
It’s OK to be afraid and unsure… 
And Yes, feel the feeling, face it head on, even have a chat over tea with it
(hey, sorry coffee people… Coffee is not good for your life… Apparently :).
Yeah, according to some recent study, Oprah or someone… 🙂 🙂
Yes, feel that feeling.. 
And find the freedom to feel something else different after. 
Remember authenticity is courage. And courage is life.
Facing your fears and feelings, especially the Imposter ones is the best way to live forward and find freedom. 
So yeah. This is the invitation to you today.
To live forward. To face your fears. And let your freedom find expression even in the most unlikely of circumstances.
I’m reminded of the famous line by Tupac Shakur of Roses growing through a crack in concrete.
I don’t want to normalize this, but just to remind you that you are stronger than your most dreaded fear. 
So yeah, scare the freak out of your worst fears and let those Imposters run scared from you.
They don’t deserve even to be associated with you… 
And as Donald J Trump would say….They all fake..!
Yes, they are all false and undeserving of you…. 
So hey, shake yourself up.

No pity parties remember and find freedom beyond your fears…