The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
In Conversation with Dezi, Maker & Creator of on Tech, Making a Difference and more

In this episode I speak to Dezi, one of my ex colleagues whom I worked with a few years ago in my technology career. Dezi is one of those rare people with an unstoppable ‘can do’ mindset, always making things happen… And I recollect a number of initiatives that she was involved in. Always building things and always willing to help….. Dezi is a Frontliner spearheading a budding Maker Community in South Africa.. She herself is a maker in her own right having built a full fledged maker space in her own yard to do cool and amazing things as you’ll hear in our conversation..
She is also passionate about education and learning and has recently launched videolearn, available at, a community powered learning platform for teachers, educators and other content creators to bring to bear the knowledge and skills to help in the education crisis in South Africa.
In this conversation, we also talk about what it takes to be a maker, get to hear her thoughts as a woman in tech in diversity and inclusion as well as her passion and heart to make a difference in the world….

There is lots to get your hands onto in this episode. Join us for more in our conversation… Connect with Dezi on –
website : online learning : social media : @technodezi