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The Timitude Podcast
In Conversation with Dr Annette, Researcher and Conservationist: On Women's Monuments and more..

In this episode I speak to Dr Annette, Researcher, Criminologist and Conservationist…

As we talk about her work in conservation as well as her involvements with communities.

Dr Annette is passionate about Research with a view to influence policy at a National level and beyond.

To get to grip with the needs of communities, her work entails a huge community engagement aspect, something that she finds great fulfillment in.

The genesis to our conversation was a tweet that Dr Annette posted, a labor of love as she calls it, detailing women Monuments in South Africa. This caught my attention and thought it a worthwhile topic of discussion especially in the continued endeavor to ensure a more equitable and representative society that acknowledges the historical contributions of women in society. It is also a worthwhile point of reflection as part of women’s month in South Africa.

Listen in to some of the fascinating insights from that labor of love as Dr Annette shares. We also touch on some of her other work and interests including a writing project she’s been busy with, her wishful dream as a small scale farmer and what it takes to be a researcher for those who would be curious to know.

It is an encompassing episode that you’ll certainly enjoy. Join us in our enlightening conversation.

Specific Link on Women Monuments Links:

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