The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
In Conversation with Edzai, Maths Genius and Educator: Talking Finding X & Mathematics In Africa.

In this episode I speak to Edzai, Maths Genius, Polymath and Creator of, an online educational platform with courses made free as a learning bank for all. The platform has excellent and extensive Mathematics content for all learners who would like to nurture their problem solving skills.

Edzai has also published highly acclaimed resources used to make mathematics more accessible for learners around the world.

As a change maker he has been engaged with advocacy work at strategic levels with Pan continental and global organizations such as The AU, NEPAD and the World bank leveraging Mathematics as a problem solving tool to address issues on the African continent.

A dreamer at heart, hear about Edzai’s perspective on education and learning in the continent as well how he has managed to inspire his students as an educator.

Join us for this and more in our conversation. Links :