Lets Check in…
I am wondering how everyone is doing during this lock down, maybe because it’s been an interesting time at my house. Working from home has been a challenge for me in more ways than one, besides the change of schedule, it’s been one big adjustment in that our lives now have to revolve around accessing the internet, that is fine until you have to deal with three kids who have different online classes to attend and a mom who has to work, the frustration around the demand for connection is real.

The Challenges at Home…
The second thing is that being in the house 24/7…, has a way of introducing ourselves anew to each other as fights spike to a new level, kids constantly at each other’s face, complaints about clearing and the task of cleaning it self makes one realize how helpful the services of a maid are. And yes I’ve had to address some kids behavioral issues here and there but despite all that I’ve realized just how grown my kids are, their individual make up…,their own way of reasoning. I’ve been since feeling like I’ve been absent to a certain extent, I guess somewhere in the busyness of life I’ve missed certain things but I am grateful for this time to appreciate all those things.

I think despite the concerns about the negative economic impact that this pandemic may potentially create, there’s some positives to balance the scale.
I believe there’s going to be opportunities like never before after this lock down, yes…, life will never be the same but more so for people who’ve taken the time to silence their fears. During times of uncertainty there’s usually many voices that are talking to us, some are fear and worry based, they could be anything really but there’s one thing that they can never be and that is peace.

There’s never been a time when God can be heard the loudest than during this time where our busy lives has been slowed down, it’s time to silence all other voices and here God’s voice.

I am convinced that this time is such a great opportunity to silence our fears and worries and let the stillness be the new normal.