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The Timitude Podcast
Jacquiline on Philanthropy and Volunteerism in Africa and the mission at Voluculture and Podcast

In this episode I speak to Jacquiline, Chief Asking Officer and Founder at Voluculture, a Non profit organization and online platform that seeks to connect nonprofit organizations in Kenya with local and global virtual volunteers.

In our conversation Jacqui shares her journey and how she ended up in non profits despite having a successful career in the US. She also discusses Volunteerism and Philanthropy in African Context, and the mission and Intent to harness this for impact on local communities across the continent.

Jacquiline shares the journey of setting up Voluculture and the day to day demands, lessons learnt and important ingredients for success. She emphasizes the importance of a learning culture, the value of Relationships and yes the big one…. not being afraid to ask, that earned the eminent title of Chief Asking Officer during our conversation. Being in the Non profit simply requires a lot of asking without fear, among other key skills.

We also get to talk about The Giving Culture Podcast which launches soon that will serve as a platform to create awareness, enable change that will be available as a resource to promote a learning culture within the Non profit and Volunteerism community.

Jacquiline is a Dreamer, a Mover and a Remarkable Trailblazer with a big mission in mind. And so excited with all that she will achieve with Voluculture in the days ahead. She is definitely someone to watch and have again on the podcast soon.

For Now listen up to our insightful and inspiring conversation…

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