Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
In this episode we feature, Pharmacist and Creative Writer, Janelle Soong as She talks about her latest project, a book titled: Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie.

She discusses what gave rise to the writing project and how she went about it. She also shares some unique insights on her writing style and perspectives on creativity and writing in general.

You will perhaps be intrigued about what she has to say on the question posed –

“Is All Writing Equal?”

posed towards the end of the video. Janelle is not only articulate, but also fascinating to listen to. You’ll certainly enjoy her sense of humor and unique take on being a pharmacist and a creative.

We are currently experimenting with this new format with a focus to feature Writers and other Creatives in general. Let us know what you think and any ideas on how to make this better.

The best comment / suggestion will be acknowledged and happy to get you a copy of Janelle’s outstanding creative work – Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie.

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