TheGist and Essence of This Post is… What are you good at and what could you be Fucktastic at! What do you need to let go of for this to be true… Read on as I share my experience


I once was a choir master or something like that. 



And every once in a while, you’d have someone join the team who would simply rattle the Richter scale of singing with their vibrano voice. No, not in the way you are thinking. Simply you couldn’t find their voice on the music scale! I mean the guy or gurl, would totally kill the song…their voice would completely go off the rockers. Passionately so!

In these moments I learned to encourage people to never settle, but continue in their journey of discovering their potential and not simply rely on passion.



Highly inflammable, passion can kill you or kill your dream!

That’s why you should not always follow or believe in your passion. Especially if people are laughing and cheering you on. They may have found a free entertainment spot in you. Just watch a little bit of American Idol or The Got Talent shows and you’ll see what I mean.



Yes, from the sublime to the incredulous! 

And all this while these folks would claim a deep love for music (we all do, most of us!) or a deep or dying passion. Pity not many are any good when it comes to singing! 



Well it’s never really easy sometimes to be the bearer of such news. No wonder Simon Cowell is the most be-hated person on the talent shows! Especially by those with a ‘passion’ for singing. Over the years I have had to let go of so many things that I wasn’t particularly good at, singing or choir mastering for instance. Earlier on I realized I cared more about specific aspects within a team for example. Mostly, I cared about the individual person, and their potential. I cared how we could bring out our individual strengths as a team. I later learnt this was something called Leadership. This was to become my obsession for the years following and my first opportunity and proper attempt at being really good at something.

Until now I had just been almost average at the various things I did. I know someone will read this and it may not resonate – maybe because they were valedictorian, or was the ace in their sports team or something like that. 

Again, as I reflect on this, I observe that unless you are Olympic grade and in the medal bracket in what you do, then certainly there is still work to do.


By no means, never settle for average! 




In this discovery journey some key lessons I’d like to share for anyone who’s desirous to reach their highest potential. 

  • Never be afraid to experiment and try out new things. That’s how you discover what you are good at and what you are not. 
  • Learn as quickly, fail fast and fail forward. Don’t camp either at the point of failure or success. Keep moving forward. By all means! It is a journey and a process and you never really arrive. 
  • Never be afraid to quit some things especially those that you are ‘just good’ at. Focus on the things that you can be wildly successful at. Ask yourself if you’d make the Olympics team and the medal bracket at it and use this as a gauge. Importantly be honest with yourself and what you are able to excel at. 
  • Always challenge yourself to bring out the best once you’ve locked into an area with high potential and count the cost. What are you willing give up to be the very best? What do you need to let go to be a star at what you do? This talks about priorities and focus. 
  • Never quit, stop or rest till you’ve given the very best to an endeavor. Think the Olympics and winning the Gold medal. What level of preparation will be required and how long might it take to realize your potential in your chosen area. It could be anything really from succeeding in business to academia to being finest romance writer in your native language. Always remember there’s room for improvement everyday as long as you keep showing up and never quit. Winning is for those who show up! Again, and again. Persist! 

I’m currently in this space and recently made a decision to challenge myself and explore my potential as a writer. Writing has been with me the longest and as far as I could remember it’s something I really enjoyed and did very well in with not so much of effort. I have to say that it has taken such a long time to get here. I have to admit I have not been as diligent with it as I should and here is my attempt at living my advice. 

So, I’ve challenged myself to write consistently and seek to do this over the next 1000 days. This is just the beginning and part of a broader thousand-day journey to becoming. It is an exciting season I’m bracing up for and would like to invite you along. What mountain summit would you like to conquer? Perhaps this might give you the impetus to begin. The Journey of a thousand begins with one step, and this is all that is required to get you on the way. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Mine is simple. 

Write as much on every occasion. Everyday. Anything and everything being my source of inspiration. Aim at least to publish once a week on 

So, I’d like to invite you, grab some water and handkerchief for the journey, or a hand towel to wipe of some perspiration as we go on a tangent of inspiration. The towel will be handy too to wipe off tears of joy and laughter along the way. 

And so, the Journey of a thousand continues…