Timspirational Nuggets… Episode #3

Life happens when we are making plans. 
Whoever said that! 
The events of past weeks have reminded us of just that.
Only the other day the fireworks were popping and we were toasting to a New Happy and Prosperous one…
So what happened to that? 
The correct answer is no one knows. Not yet. 
No one has a cooking clue, even those who usually claim to. All are making it up, each a day at a time. 
So there goes the futility and vanity of presumption.
The reality is. None of us is in charge. Despite the most sophisticated of technology ‘5G’, ‘AI’ and all. 
Life is unfazed. Unfolding one day at a time. Trudging through seasons, whether spring, autumn, winter or summer.
Life carries on. 
Well. Don’t sit here and wait for a profound answer or something you’ve never heard.
Deep truth is always naked and too obvious. Yet we often act oblivious. 
The simplicity of just living your life daily with all you have, bringing forth all you have to it is instructive. 
Enthusiasm. Energy. Drive. Passion. Presence. Vibe. Smile. Whatever you want to call it! 
I’ll leave it for those in the motivational and coaching department to expand.
So, What I have learned and observed. 
 We all know what we need to do, but rarely ever do it. Or want to. Because it requires us to do it! 
We all like to be nursed with half truths, stretched truths and in some cases utter lies, all in the name of sounding profound, woke or clever. Mostly truth is simpler. uncomplicated. Unflattering and mostly accessible. If we are open to it that is. 
There is a difference between good intentions and actually showing up and doing the work. Whatever it takes. So many of us prefer to flirt with our destiny. We like talking about it. 
Painting imaginary collages about it. 
Few however show up to the party. Far fewer.
Talk is cheap. Yup! 
We are not our past. We are not our present. We are not our future. We are what we choose to show up as. In every way. Everyday. We are hope if that is who we are within and who we choose to show up as. We are confidence, patience, kindness any virtue you can think of. May you keep showing up as your authentic self always. Everywhere. That’s the price to pay to be who you were born to be.
So what does this mean then. 
Just live your life. There is a reason why you are still here. Live boldly. Live courageous. Unshaken and unfazed by all the drama around you. Find your groove and dance to it. Let the crashing waves of life humble and inspire you at the same time. You are not the center of the universe. You are no Alpha or Omega. Yet you have your place beyond the madness. Your gentle, quiet spot that invites your contribution. Your place and role that we are all the better for it if you choose to embrace and embody in full. Write music. Bake cakes. Speak up. Encourage another. Smile. Give a hand. Whatever.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for! 


And Yes, You are the one the rest of us are waiting for to show up…
The big question is simply then. What have you said to that invitation to show up… However subtle or quiet. What have you said to that calling to arise and embrace who you are. To arise to your mantle, purpose, however you may want to identify it.
What have you said to yourself… 
 Have you opened the door ‘for you’ to enter at the door? 
Have you accepted and embraced all you are without excuse or tokens of judgements.. 
Have you? Will you…. 
Have you said yes to you? 


And will you show up for you, without apologies or excuses? 
These are not easy questions. These are worth their pound in gold to ponder. That’s your food for thought if you are bold enough to engage. 
Remember in everything you choose to do. Be most kind to yourself. You are loved by God. He has made provision for all you need to show up. His Grace is sufficient. And He is not intimidated by your strengths and genius. He made you and put all that in you. 
Yes even those wild crazy ideas that pop in your head! 
Yup, Time to show up and do your thing….
No excuses! Will ya?