Ifyou are always thinking about something negative that happened yesterday, last month or last year there’s no freedom there quit living in what was and come over to what it is today. Sad but true some of your greatest disappointments will come from those who gave you your best appointments.

Where we are in life is the direct result of our past dominating thoughts.

Mistaken thought patterns, dwelling on negatives, holding on emotions, thinking we can’t do it, remembering those who hurt us, thinking about all our troubles and misfortunes, seeing only the bills due and lack in our lives – by dwelling on these – we are only attracting more of the same kind of disappointments  to us.

It’s easier to quit or never even try than it is to face that fear and see it as being the source of our present conditions. Then you end up creating reasons why the plan wouldn’t work, or why it wouldn’t work for you, to justify you’re not trying or giving up.

Many are times we fail to realize the greater gifts that we hold, and we tend to focus on what we don’t have.

We tend to think that in order to acquire freedom we need more finances, we need good cars, houses and lots of time! Indeed we are wrong in this! 

Living the life you have always dreamed of can be done, freedom is attainable by taking good care of self, being positive and mindful in addition finding a circle that aligns with your goals, the people in your life should inspire you and add value to your life.

Initiate the habit of watching your thoughts, be aware of your environment and guard for those flashes of anger, doubt, resistance, frustration, anxiety, or fear.

Our usual reaction to these emotions is to avoid that condition, circumstance, or person we think is responsible for that feeling.

Take time to think and to know what is currently happening around you and use both the positive and negative situation to propel your thoughts and actions towards success find what is your purpose, pursue your passion and achieve a full freedom  

“you will live your best life”


Nancy Wyna
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