“He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakes”.

Tobe born into this world is a calling but our calling becomes clear only when we are willing to come face to face with ourselves, it is then that we begin to honor our life’s calling and celebrate who we are.

Moment to Reflect:

As a little girl, I grew up with low self-esteem and believe me, it stuck around for a while, I mean even as an adult, I still had issues like doubting myself, being indecisive, hiding in other peoples shadows by being afraid to speak my mind. I was too concerned about other people, this showed up as well in me wanting to always impress others but later I realized this was a bottomless pit; and understanding how this stunted my growth I didn’t just look for ways of ending my suffering but I also looked for ways of Living my TRUTH.

In Our Truth;

  1. There is power, because we learn to unleash our true abilities.
  2. There is liberation, because, we learn to embrace who we are and no longer have the burden to pretend that we are what, we are not.
  3. There is contentment, because we do what we love.
  4. There is success because we flow in our uniqueness and it is attractive.

When we live our truth, we become ALIVE, because we are deeply fulfilled from our fountain. We shine, we sparkle, we become like flowers that receives the sunlight of our own calling, because we have embraced the truth in us.

Live Boldly

Living your truth is a life of boldness, it is a life of authenticity, it is a life lived deliberately, it is a life lived with intent, it is a life lived with purpose, it is a life of uniqueness and it is worth celebrating, it is a life of fruitfulness, because we become all that we are, it is a life of truthfulness, because there is no reason to be ashamed, it is a life of faithfulness, because we are living our truth, it is a life of honor, because we realize, we are only messengers and more than anything it..is..a..life, worth living!


Are you living your truth?

Zanele With Heart