Throughout this week, this one thing has been on my mind.., How totally misleading to classify people as good or bad,Which blocks us from seeing people as whole…,

Meaning people who have both strengths
What we perceive as good and shortcomings
What we perceive as bad and labeling often leads to expectations or disappointments.
Seeing people as this or that.., is not always justifiable
Because they will not always act as “good or bad”
I’ve noticed that people are just living the best way they know how
But when we have been wronged, we are more likely to want to classify people
Because of our disappointments, at times we want to write them off,

Luckily there’s no dust bin where we throw away people..

One thing for sure people mirror the parts of ourselves that have healed or that still needs healing.
The things that we hate about others reflect certain things that we hate about ourselves
And so we often have this kind of thing going on.
The level at which we are operating will determine the view at which we see things

If we are often critical about others, we are in essence critical about ourselves.

So the challenge is for us to focus on what is going on within ourselves
And heal or develop the parts of ourselves that needs development.
Zanele With Heart