Mama Africa, How Art Thou?

The black and beautiful how are you motherland?
They said you were ugly
Don’t trust ’em suitors
They lie if they can to save their lives
Jewel of the Nile why all the drama and turmoil
As our brothers fight like fools for power and control
Yet our daddy bequeathed us such wealth?
Beautiful ebony why should sadness be your candle instead of light
How long in the dark?
How much longer before your star shines bright to the envy of them all?
Africa mama,  your wisdom from the ages
When civilization was our essence
When will it return

Africa O Africa!

Is there hope for us all
Will we continue to be their laughing stock?
Will they continue to tease and joke?
I know,  I know there’s hope
As the sun rises from the Cape of Hope
And sets in the spring of Cairo tomorrow
The sons and daughter’s of the motherland
Hold their faith and heads high
And await to see
What we may not have seen
The awakening deep within
Africa’s star rising and shining brighter
Above them all
For Africa your time has come
Arise O daughter of the Lion
The Glory of your King is upon you.
Mama Africa your greater days are ahead of you.
Arise and Shine for your time has come!

O Mama Africa!