Who is greater? The Story or the Story Teller… Why?

Here the Twiverdict on the #CreativeMondays Question of the Week….

This post provides the summary of key thoughts from the CreativeMondays Community on the subject.

Thanks indeed for your thoughts and perspective to this lively discussion… here below a summary of some of the thinking shared…


The Story……

…the story speaks through the teller and only the story lives forever… ~ @killythekid 

 …the story, but the storyteller can GREATLY breathe life into the story, I know! 🙂 ~ @MikePaineShow

..the story, but someone has to tell it. No story no need for a teller. 🙂 ~ @RandiGraceNilsb 

 ..I would say story, b/c the storyteller puts him/herself into it & then gives u more ~ @EuphonicMusings

 ..The story… The storyteller is merely the conduit for the tale to be related.….But a great story can make a poor storyteller great… Put another way, a great storyteller makes a good story great. ~ @TorturdCyclone 

The story because it may never die… The story teller almost always dies ‏~ @PoemsAndBowTies

Story, if it’s good. Then it outgrows you ~ @AManCalledDada 

 Closing argument…

Even though the story depends on its telling ~ it alone is the focus; the focus should 1st be on the story & then reflectively on the storyteller, without the story there is no storyteller, so the story comes first! ~ @livelovethinkex 


The Story Teller…

Bad storyteller can ruin even best story. #Justsayin ~ @cynthiakahn 

Since the story is not a person, it would have to be the storyteller 🙂 ~ @FlairCreativ

The good storyteller will sell you on a story you’ve heard before; the story-teller makes the story great And thus is greater ~ @CnstantGardener

I’d say the story teller! Good morning Tim & friends!! Happy Monday ~ @divadebbie1962 

The Story Teller makes a Story Great! ~ @mariamuser

The teller, without which we wouldn’t know the story ~ @nerdkykgirl  

“The Singer, not the Song” ~ @WORRODRoger

Chicken vs. egg, eh? No story w/o the storyteller ~ @RobertMihaly1

Without the storyteller, the story won’t be told. It’s there, but cannot be told ~ @WyldeVerse 

Hmmmm..without the storyteller there is NO story..Chicken, or the egg ~ @DanielleProphet

Closing argument….

Hardly rocket science! No story teller, no story! …. Perhaps the storyteller’s imagination and life experiences combined! ~ @DavidBallmovie 



The story must be told. The storyteller brings it to life Both are equal ~ @CamWylde

One would not exist without the other…greatness comes from both! ~ ‏@cc69_USA

They’re not mutually exclusive – it all blends together ~ @vapidaccount

Both are important but you DO need to know how to tell a story ~ @carlos_wilde 

Both. If either is lacking = poor story.If both are great = great story ~ @StormTrooperAl 

Story teller….no story without the story teller ~ @FNgeru 

Equal parts. You don’t fully have one without the other ~  ‏@lissalet 


I say reader’s perception can make a story great ~ @therepoguy 

Tough 1! I think my characters/stories are my best & worst parts on paper ~ @jasonsmithwritr

Everyone/thing who/which helps bring the muse to life… ~ @FelicityBrandon 

Life writes stories every day. Live it up 2 make your life the best novel ~ @SBlackwings

Closing argument..

I can’t do it in 140 characters… I vote this as a blog post! Very philosophical!! …total chicken & egg….But I believe words are multidimensional & can reach further, than maybe the author themselves even intended ~ @Entiretyinbits