The Journey of a Thousand continues…. From Good to #FuckTastic!T

here is nothing more desirable than to be in your moment and to know it. Everything has a symphony of time, and knowing what time and what is appointed to do is golden. Our existence and significance is an everyday experience. And we capture this essence through our daily expression.

God guides our journey through promptings and leadings in our heart. He kindles the fire of inspiration and nurtures us through relationship with Him and others. We walk into the magic and wonder of new days powered by His Grace. We live and breath by His Grace and mercy and indeed we are saved by Grace.

So we relish in the beauty and magnificence of life through him.

In Him there is abundance and blessings
In Him is laughter and peace
In Him we are surrounded and encompassed by his hands of protection through all seasons.

Thank God for Amazing Grace!

The bread of life that delights our palate and refreshes our being. God is all we need for sustenance and strength.

And in the measure of men we miss the mark, yet in God we are in good stead. He knows our estate. He has established us beyond reproach and knowledge.

He instills in us the spirit of a warrior. He prevails in all our battles. Our victory is sure. God’s greatness is our light and shield.

In times of strive and times of transition, He holds our hands so close. He lifts our head that we may rise above all. He plants our wings in the clouds and causes us to see far and wide into the vastness of His Majesty and Glory.

The Lord is the lifter of our head, the stirrer of our hearts and all we ever need for all our living.

He preserves our destiny and inspires us to go chase after the purpose He has for us. He is all through loving, the bedrock of all truth. He is the everlasting one, the one true God who deserves all Glory, Honour and Praise forever and ever. Amen!