Nkateko Masinga : Award Winning Poet, Talking Poetry as Medicine, Mandela Washington Fellow
In this first installment, I speak to Nkateko Masinga – Award winning Poet, Author and TEDx Speaker….

Who among many other recognitions and accolades – is a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders, and Ebedi International Writers Fellow 2019…..

I’m careful with a simplistic Introduction as Nkateko has a fascinating backstory….

As a trained Medical Doctor and you’ll get to hear snippets of her experience in out initial conversation…

her initial ambition, her frustrations and challenges and lastly her points of embrace and integration…..

yes Poetry is the New Medicine…

Listen in to her unique take on this aspect.

We also talk about how we met, and yes as being #Timspirational Faculty, meant for her….

Her Mandela Washington Fellowship Experience and her self concept, especially in contrast with the typical ‘elevator’ pitch very popular in American contexts

There is also lots to glean on Public Health South Africa vs The Rest of the World, Ageism, African Medicine and Sustainability and more…

Part 2, which will follow in the coming week, we talk Travel, Africa and more… for now get grounded in this first episode….

Link: nkatekomasinga.com