The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
Open X Weekly : No Words... By Dee Banks

This weeks Open Xpression is from Dee, Author, Daydreamer and founding member of The Timitude Writer Family. Enjoy this beautiful piece titled – No words. And show her some love as you sample this beautiful poem… 


————-No words——-

He stares at me
Sincere eyes boring a deep hole in my eyes
I stare back
Intensely too
I can see in those eyes
No, deeper still
Farther down I peek
They’re drawing me in now
Farther than I’d planned to go
Deeper I’m drawn
Past the eusophagus
The wind pipes are numb
Words stuck
For even words
Would cause nothing but utter ruin
To such expression so beautiful
Deeper still I’m drawn
Blood veins shiver
Flow now uncontrollable
Nothing like this I’ve seen
Or felt or experienced
An inevitable eruption
A death sentence for sure
This is past normal
But deeper still
Past the throbbing of the heart
Which now beats faster than a million a nano second
I shudder
Deeper still
I see it
It reaches out
I feel it now
It’s o, so beautiful
Never a thing so pure exists
his soul, all of it
Pure, gentle, harmless
They have so much
So much to say
Yet no words
Not like anything ever seen
Nor heard nor experienced
I’m numb
Crippled with …
No, not with fear
Emotions like this knows no such words
I struggle free
Faster than the speed of light
I’m back
Staring, panting
Moving lips
I hear words
No sound
Then a whisper
No, it’s my ears
They’re playing tricks on me
‘I’ll give up forever
To love you still’
I believe him
Well I would
If only forever was his to give
I smile
I touch his eyes,
Then his lips
No words
I turn my back
And say those words still
Clashing sound
No words