A Web sojourn…

I’m currently on a journey, an experimental one actually, trying to find the best way to establish a web presence.

If you are like me, such an experience can be so overwhelming, with so much stuff available on the internet to ‘assist’ you just do that.

So, here is my sojourn so far.

beyond email, to blog or not to blog…

It all started with email, but that craze faded long ago, but hey no one should under estimate the power of email in our today world. And now Blogging, am spoilt for choice, should i WordPress, or Bloggger it, Typepad it, or livejournal……? well, i opted for the first two, after all i’m on web sojourn as i call it.

beyond HTML, coding, ..Templates and Web Creators

What the heck is HTML anyway… luckily we dont have to know so much about this skeletal framework that makes the internet, what with so many tools available online to assist us to overcome this challenge! Joomla, Jimdo, Weebly, Yola are among the many tools to assist you with this.

There are several sites that offer a review of this, i found this review at websitetooltester useful.

beyond idle tweeting/ facebooking, twitter, a web presence

Interesting that this sits at almost tail end, no doubt these two are the two popular social networking platforms, but building a credible web presence as is my intention takes more than posting unintentional and idle comments on fb and twitter.

Developing and animating the brand is the essence of this journey, and its very exciting indeed.

beyond delicios, digg, a world of pearls!

No doubt bookmarking, and keeping a log of this journey is most essential. After all this is the best way of telling the story, and its time to paint pictures with words. So the sojourn continues…. I have found pearltrees to be very useful in this regard.

beyond boxes, lenses

In the old order, we all lived in boxes, in isolation detached and fenced off from the world. Now all this has changed with technology, it is a flat world as Thomas Friedman would say, or as Seth Godin of Purple Cow would put it, its time for lenses.

There are several ‘lenses’ in this regard, squidoo, slideshare, docstoc are all platforms that allow us to diversify our web presence. Certainly, sharing ideas has never been easier, its time to publish in all this diverse forums and platforms like never before.

The sojourn continues, stay in touch for more postings..