There is a meme that has gone around for quite a few years. You can Google it and find a plethora of variations. I happen to think it is apropos to most people’s lives. It says, “When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, ‘PLOT TWIST!’ and move on!”

 If you follow me on Twitter, you know that there has been a rash of suspensions of amazing poets lately. While Twitter has specific rules and policies, these suspensions have seemed to have little warrant. I have been in the mix of a campaign to get these writers reinstated in the name of freedom of expression. It’s been a difficult battle to be sure, but one that, I believe, we are winning. So far, all but one are back to writing. The voice of freedom has been strong and sure. At least, we are bringing awareness to the issue.

Because of my involvement, I have experienced so many plot twists that I could be a James Patterson spy novel.  I have looked at my own reactions and responses and made some observations of my own.  With each twist and turn, I am learning to respond instead of react and to become extremely grateful for those in my life that hang in there with me. And I have been very blessed to have a group that has been there through it all – plot twist or not!

I am a reactionary – yep! I admit it!  Buddhism teaches us that life is neither good nor bad, but it is our reaction or response that creates good and bad.  I like to think that way, but, well, sometimes bad things just seem to happen. Ah, but that’s the reaction.  Responding tells me that with each ending, a new beginning shows its face, regardless of who is experiencing the event.  I can confirm that without hesitation.

I am learning to allow others in my life to help me, and that I am not in this alone. It is a lesson that is most needed, and I am working on mastering it.  I am learning to appreciate my life and those people in it that are always there in spite of me.  I am being forced to look at my own life and ask myself some pretty hard questions. Example: What is it that brings me back to central?  I know the answer. The people who fight the fight hand in hand with me. One poet in particular is there no matter what, and is ever ready to step in and act. He is near to my heart and always is there, always watching, always ready to jump in. He is known on Twitter and the poet community very well, and I call him my treasure. When I feel lost and confused, I can center there and return to North. 

That’s a most important lesson to learn.

I am learning that often a plot twist in our life takes us to a place where our dreams can manifest, and we can become our true selves. I am learning to let go of attachments that prevent me from enjoying the plot twist and moving on in the script of my life. I am learning that I have more strength and resilience than I ever thought possible. My North does that!

Many people come and go in our lives, and many people will teach us valuable lessons.  But it all comes back to that one person who is your North.  That person is different for everyone.  For some, it’s themselves; for others, it’s a parent or sibling; it may be a good friend; or it may be a life partner.  Take a good look in your life.  Who is your North?  Claim him or her and allow yourself to have a North – while you’re at it, allow yourself to BE a North.  We all need one!

Now that I know my North, I can say with confidence, “PLOT TWIST!  Moving on!”