The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
In Conversation with Phila: Mentor, TEDX Speaker and ICT Professional on being the underdog & more..

In this episode I connect with Phila, Public Speaker and MC, Mentor and ICT Professional. Phila has had to overcome lots of odds to be where he is at today. As a 26 year old young man, he is passionate about empowering young people through Mentorship and has made great strides in his journey and in 2016, delivered a highly acclaimed Tedx Talk, Titled my brother’s keeper. In our conversation Phila shares his journey growing up, including having to drop out of school because of financial difficulties, we talk about his thoughts and why he gave the talk, we also talk about the scourge of Gender Based Violence in South Africa where Phila shares his first hand experience growing up and thoughts on the way forward.
A big take away is the success habits that have helped him come thus far….. Also hear about his ambitions and what he seeks to represent what he calls ‘The African Dream..’ which must exist..

This is definitely a young man to watch.
So pragmatic, level headed and one who isn’t afraid of a challenge….. A worthwhile listen.

You’ll thoroughly be inspired…

For this and more, Join us in our conversation.